Reuniões Científicas

5th international practical Biofilm course and symposium

The 5th edition of this international course will occur between 25-29th September 2023, in Braga, Portugal.

The course will consist both of theoretical and practical lessons and will cover topics of advanced biofilm science, highlighting the cutting edge technologies used nowadays to study these type of structures. These technologies based on omic approaches (transcritptomic, metabolomics and proteomic) and imaging, will be directed to the analysis of the physiology of biofilm cells, microbial speciation in mixed biofilm populations and biofilm 3-D structure.

The course also includes a symposium where participants will be allowed to present their on-going scientific work, in oral sessions.

The course is directed to both PhD students and junior researchers who are working in the biofilms field or to post doc, senior researchers and industrial partners who want to improve their knowledge in the area.

Registration is now open. Members of SPM will have a 100€ discount on the full price.

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