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The second Transnational Access Call (TNA) opened on February 1 st , 2022.

The IS_MIRRI21/MIRRI Transnational Access (TNA) programme is an initiative to promote transnational cooperation and mobility of researchers throughout pan-European research infrastructures. Research institutions and companies in the fields of Agro-Food, Environment & Energy and Health & Food are welcome to apply for funded access to high-quality microbial resources and services, or to state-of-the-art facilities and technological platforms provided by the IS_MIRRI21 partners across Europe.

The TNA programme provides three means of access:

  • Physical access can be defined as the hands-on access of any user, i.e., the users physically visit the Access Provider and use its laboratories and equipment
  • Virtual access can be defined as any access through communication networks in which resources can be simultaneously accessed by an unlimited number of users (i.e., access to data and on-line applications)
  • Remote access can be defined as the non-physical access to the services of the Access Provider

In this 2nd TNA Call, nine IS_MIRRI21 partners offer physical and remote access to:

  • six experimental facilities
  • four services
  • a wide variety of microbial resources

Along with the expertise of the Access Providers’ staff to conduct scientific studies.

Find out more about the application procedure, the eligibility criteria, and the selection process of the TNA programme! Also, make sure to have a look at the TNA Catalogue to check the TNA offer provided this year and identify the facilities that best fit your needs!