Actividades SPM, Dia Internacional do Microrganismo

FEMS press released about IMD2020

Just a few more days towards the International Microorganism Day (IMD) 2020, FEMS just released a press release (see here) support this year celebrations. In a year in which a viral pandemic is plaguing the world, it is even more important to highlight the role that a multitude of microscopic living beings play in our health, environment and quality of life, as well as their biotechnological potential.

This year it is not possible to repeat the same multiple festive activities from previous celebrations that were already taking place in several countries. For this reason, the FEMS (Federation of European Microbiology Societies) and the Portuguese Microbiology Society (SPM) have joined forces to organize a 24-hour online microbiology marathon, with videos, lectures and live discussions, to promote Microbiology and celebrate the 2020 edition of the International Day of the Microorganism! In this organization, FEMS and SPM counted on the collaboration of the Biological Sciences research group of the iBB – Instituto Superior Técnico. The President of SPM, Isabel Sá Correia, and the SPM members Cláudia Godinho and the PhD student Nuno Bourbon Melo, are part of the team in charge of organizing and publicizing the event.

The broadcast of the Microbiology marathon will be online during the 24h of the 17th of September, from the 24h of the 16th to the 24th of the 17th, Lisbon time, and will be recorded and accessible from the IMD website, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube, as well as from the same channels from FEMS. The provisional program is now available and includes the participation of renowned speakers, science communicators, young researchers and PhD students, distributed across the globe, with an important national participation. A press release on the IMD 2020 from FEMS is available from today.

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