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SPM Social Media Dissemination Report IMD2019

The Portuguese Society for Microbiology (SPM) is the promoter of the International Microorganism Day (IMD), celebrated in 17th September with the aim to raise awareness about the importance of microorganisms and microbiology research among the general public. The third edition was commemorated in 2019 and was marked by the world dissemination of the celebrations, resulting from a social media dissemination campaign from SPM, supported by FEMS.

imd2019 report

FEMS contributed with support to the IMD social media management, in three ways:

  1. providing experience, training, and communications capacity for the IMD team to grow their own social media and online presence
  2. using FEMS social media, website, and communication capacity to spread the word of IMD and echo messages from the IMD team
  3. through running a Microbe Art Competition in tandem with IMD celebrations to showcase IMD to as wide an audience as possible: #MicrobeArt2019; the final results and prize are announced here.


The full report can be accessed here: International Microorganism Day 2019 Report

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