Host-microbe symbioses: from functional to ecological perspectives

The Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência  will host the Summer School “Host-microbe symbioses: from functional to ecological perspectives” from July 9-21, 2017.

The two weeks courlsewill explore stable host-microbe interactions as a spectrum from parasitic to mutualistic. Animals and plants live together and establish stable interactions with a large number of symbiotic microbes. These microbes largely influence the physiology of the host, from nutrition to behavior. Although many microbes are deleterious to the hosts and cause disease (pathogens), most are actually neutral or even beneficial (commensals and mutualists). The study of the biology of animals and plants, from functional to evolutionary perspectives, has to take into account their set of microbial symbionts. The course will explore this field with leading scientists that bring a broad range of expertise and approaches. The Summer School will be targeted at second or later years PhD students. The main aim of this meeting is to help them define their future research interests.

 For more information please click here.

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