Evolution of beta-lactam resistance determinant

The development of resistance to beta-lactams, the primary line of defense against staphylococcal infections, involved the evolution of a native gene into a resistance determinant and posterior rescue into a mobile element, which enabled its worldwide spread. This was a slow evolutionary process involving the stepwise addition of small pieces of genetic material from the most primitive staphylococcal species. The assembly of the primordial mobile antibiotic resistant determinant was probably driven bythe need for survival in the natural environment, but its dissemination at a global scale was boost by the clinical use of antibiotics. The model for beta-lactam resistance evolution proposed in this article highlights the importance of the natural environment and ancient bacterial species for antibiotic resistance development and the excessive use of antimicrobial agents as a promoter of resistance dissemination.

Artigo por Maria Miragaia. Faça o download aqui.

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